Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

Not your average Autobody shop.
Save money:
Paintless dent removal is less expensive than traditional autobody repair.
Save time:
Many repairs can take less than an hour! For larger or multiple dings and dents we may need some extra time – our goal is same day service.

Improve the value of your vehicle:
Because we remove dents and dings without sanding, filling and painting your car there is no risk of matching paint and getting overspray on other areas of your car. The paint remains untouched. The vehicle retains it’s original factory finish and value, unlike an after market paint job.


We will come to your home or office with our mobile service

Pride of ownership:
Because it is convenient and inexpensive and not time consuming to have your dings and dents repaired – why not fix them? You’ll be happy to have your car back in “mint” condition and looking good!