Efficient Solution for Hail Damage in Weston, FL– Paintless Dent Repair

Brad T. tells his story about the efficiency of Paintless Dent Removal in special case of hail damage repair.

“I had a strange thing happen to my car a few weeks ago in Weston, South Florida. Dropped the car off at the dealer to have a paint chip repaired that I found upon delivery of the car. A large hail storm came through the day after we left. This dealer had over 1200 cars on the lot with hail damage, including mine. Called my State Farm agent and told them to handle it with the dealer. Dealer had a PDR team on site for over 2.5 weeks repairing all the cars. Since mine was on their lot when it happened, they stuck mine in as soon as they got authorization from the insurance company. PDR guys did an awesome job. I scoured the car for at least an hour from every angle after I got it home and couldn’t find any sign of the damage or repair. My agent also said my premium would not be affected. Just glad I went with a $250 comp deductible. The bad part is that all the other cars sitting at home in our driveway 5 miles to the south escaped with no damage so if the car had been at home, it likely would have been fine too…..”

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