Storm Causes Damage in Broward County

South Florida residents experienced a variety of storms that caused various levels of damage throughout the area Sunday.

A strong rain storm rolled over western Broward County Sunday afternoon. F. Perez had his home as well as cars damaged from the storm and resulting hail stones. “When it all settled, that’s when we come out to see the tree, in what looks to be inside my attic,” he said.

The hail brought several cars to a standstill on one highway. “We were driving, and the sound in my windshield? Amazing,” said A. Maya.
Several people captured the hail storm on camera. Some also took snapshots of huge hail stones the storm left behind. One man said, “Pretty big size, like a Ping-Pong ball.”

Outside one home, tons of small hail pellets filled a plant bed. The hail did not melt but remained intact for hours after the storm. “That shows you how solid the hail was,” resident B. Satone said. “It hasn’t even melted yet. It’s 80-something degrees, and it’s not melting. It’s scary.”

The hail caused a lot of damage in the area, shredding patio screens and ruining shrubs for some homeowners.
One resident in Southwest Ranches said the hail stripped the fruit from her mango tree. In Pembroke Pines, the winds from the storm uprooted trees. One tree fell in the road near Northwest 186th Avenue and Pines Boulevard.

Another tree landed on top of a resident’s Jeep. One man said he has never seen weather like this in South Florida. “In my 15 years in South Florida, that’s the first time,” he said.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm produced 60 mph winds at one point.

This storm might not be the last one this season in South Florida, so it is advised to prepare and avoid outdoor activities during storms like this. Also it is recommended to park your car in the garage or some sheltered area, in order to protect it from hail and storm damage. In case your vehicle does get damages during a storm, you can turn to your local hail damage repair experts and find out about the best repair solutions.

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