Storm Does Serious Hail Damage in Weston, FL

hail damage repair Weston FL

Prepare NOW For Hurricane Season

Sunday afternoon June 12th, Weston was hit with approximately 15 minutes of powerful winds, rain and heavy hail. The damage done in that short time period should be taken as a warning to be prepared for summer’s storms and possible hurricanes. The weather service reported winds up to 60mph, but these winds are a far cry from the sustained winds brought by tropical storms or hurricanes.


Be sure to review your insurance policies now to ensure you have adequate coverage. Once a hurricane watch has been issued, insurers will not issue new or allow you to purchase additional coverage.
Inventory home possessions and videotape or photograph items of value. Once you have your inventory list, video and/or photographs, place them in an airtight storage container that water can’t permeate.
Park your car in a protected area, far from large trees or items that might cause damage in case of a storm. Best option is to park the car in garage.

In case of hail damage to your car, consult a local expert in hail damage repair, and opt for Paintless Dent Removal.

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