The Truth about Car Dents

paintless dent removal Delray BeachDents are known to be unsightly and it can make any car look bad. It is also one of the reasons why a vehicle loses its market value. Car dents can be caused by a collision during an accident or when the surface of the vehicle is accidentally brushed by heavy, sharp, and edgy objects. To maintain the integrity of the car as well as its value, removing or repairing car dents is very important, so these damages should not be neglected.

There are number of highly skilled and trained professionals that can successfully remove car dents. The cost and the process involved in the removal of the car dents would depend on the severity of the dent on the vehicle. Usually for major or more severe dents, paying for a professional to work on the car would be a wise choice. One of these professional solutions is PDR process (Paintless Dent Removal). The cost of a professional car dent repair would depend on the amount of damage done to the vehicle.

Sold in today’s markets are several different kinds of car dent removal kits that can be used to repair smaller dents. Car dents are one of the worst things that could happen to your car. To ensure that you give your car the best services, learn the various ways to repair car dents.

These kits are inclusive of hot glue guns, plastic adapters, a metal working hammer, and suction cups. In some cases, not all of these tools are utilized. Some dents only require you to use suction cups. These are placed in the middle of dent and then the strings are to be pulled. Other methods use the hot glue gun to glue a plastic adapter to the middle of the dent.

Dry ice, also called cardice or card ice, can also be applied to the dented portion to eventually flatten it out. If you will be doing this method, you are required to use protective gloves. This type of method is commonly used to repair smaller or minor dents. For major dents, it is always a wise decision to seek the help of a professional car dent repairer.

There are several auto repair shops that specialize in repairing critical dents. Technicians often use suction tools or hot glues. Taking your car into a shop that specializes in paintless dent removal is one of the most  efficient solutions. If there is no crimp in the paint, professionals can remove the dent while you wait. This kind of service generally comes at a reasonable price. In case there is creasing or rippling in the car dent, most likely you would need to bring it to a professional auto body repair center to get it fixed properly.

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