What is Paintless Dent Repair and Why Use It?

We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve misjudged the width of a parking space and subsequently dented your car. Or maybe somebody has pulled right out on your car and dented the side of it. Whatever the situation, the resulting dings and dents to the bodywork are quite the trouble to look at, and they need help- quickly. Even more importantly, you want them fixed at a fair price and without altering your insurance premium.

Well folks!- this is where the dent repair professionals come in with their specialized dent removal services.

Paintless Dent Removal (or “PDR”) is essentially the is a method of removing minor dents and dings without removing any paint from the vehicle. There are several methods, but an efficient and preferred choice involves the use of special rods and/or picks. The rods and picks are used to literally massage the dent from inside of the metal in a body panel of the vehicle.

The dent removal process is greatly assisted by the use of fluorescent lighting. The lighting  helps to reveal the shadows which are revealed as a result of the dent malformation. This is a crucial stage in the PDR process and these fluorescent lighting gadgets are an extremely important part of a dent removal specialist’s toolkit .

If fluorescent lighting or a light-reflection board is not utilized it will be much more tough to remove the dents. Therefore, as the task requires a serious amount of precision it is ultra recommended that the correct equipment is used. Any reputable dent repair specialist will use these tools to tackle and complete the job.

Paintless dent removal takes a very long time (years and years) toperfect and an amateur repair could cause more harm than good to your cherished vehicle. With PDR it is important to ensure that the original “factory” paint finish is saved and that no fillers or paint are used. That is why the dent repair specialist needs to be completely knowledgable and committed to what they are doing!

It is also important to understand that not every dent can be repaired with these techniques. Some stand in need of paintwork and further still, some damage is too extensive to clean up with dent repair services – instead, complete body panels may need replacing.

The next time your car gets a dreaded dent or ding, think about calling a dent removal specialist before claiming on your insurance! As often, it is cheaper than paying your insurance excess.

Before PDR Process

After PDR Process


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