Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process that involves the removal of small dents or damage from a vehicle’s exterior without disturbing theMazda SUV B&A collage paint finish. It is an industry recognized repair process.

To remove dents from a vehicle, specialized tools will apply pressure to the backside of the panel to remove the imperfections on the surface. Dents can also be fixed with a device known as a “tab”. This device is bonded to the external side of the vehicle and then the dent is pulled from the topside. Both of these techniques allow the technician to restore the appearance of the panel without needing to refinish the area where the dent once was.

Paintless dent repairs are often done to repair damage caused by hail and other similar dents that occur when the outer panel is struck by or strikes another object. The damage must not have compromised the finish on the outer panel of the vehicle. When the outer surface finish is undisturbed, it eliminates the process of having to have the paint refinished, making it a timelier and less expensive repair.

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