Beware of Deceiving Dent Repairs


Yesterday we had a customer visit us in need of dent repair.  As we listened to her story, we realized that she already had her dent repaired by someone who ended up causing more damage to her car than she had in the first place.  The very nice lady had been conned.  She explained that a man and his pregnant wife came up to her in a supermarket parking lot, promising that for $100, he could remove the 3″ dent in her Lexus 450h.  At first, she really wasn’t interested because she wasn’t necessarily looking to get it fixed at that moment, but the man and the pregnant woman kept insisting that she get it repaired for the $100.  Our customer told us that she really felt bad for the couple because it seemed like they could really use the money, so she let them follow her to her home where the man worked for over 2 hours on her car to have it turn out like the picture below.  It turns out that the metal is now too stretched out for another paintless dent repair.

As concerned business professionals, we just wanted to warn others not to fall for these risky types of operations.  If your vehicle is in need of paintless dent repair, please do your research and hire a professional dent removal company.

2010 Lexus - Dent Repair Gone Wrong

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